(former IWEPAC)

13-th International Conference
on Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024 (subject for further update)

School of Physics, Harbin Institute of Technology, 92 West Da-Zhi Street, Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China. Phone: +86 451-8641-4141, e-mail:yuancx@hit.edu.cn.

ICPAT will provide a forum to present and discuss scientific and engineering aspects of different plasma based technologies, including plasma generation, fuels ignition, plasma assisted combustion, hydrocarbons conversion and activation, coal gasification and combustion, gases ionization, waste destruction for power generation, plasma enhanced propulsion, pollutions reduction, surface modifications, new materials and nano structures production, water, wood, and construction materials treatment, and production of hydrogen-enriched gases.

ICPAT will help to bridge a gap between theoretical investigations and industrial needs.

ICPAT will have 17 sections with further round tables:
1. Plasma Generation, Diagnostics, and Modeling
2. Plasma Ignition and Flame Control
3. Fuel Reformation and Activation
4. Plasma Flow Dynamics
5. Plasma Kinetics
6. Electric Propulsion, including deep space propulsion
7. Power Sources
8. New Plasma Effects and Perspective Applications
9. Coal, Bio-mass, and Waste Gasification, Processing into Energy and Chemicals
10. Water Treatment
11. Plasma Treatment for Coatings and Surface Modification
12. Nano-structures - development, investigation and production
13. Plasma Mining and Mineral Processing
14. Planetary life support systems
15. Plasma for agriculture
16. Unique test facilities
17. Business Forum and Funding Opportunities

ICPAT-13 will announce and honor new members of the International Council of Plasma Assisted Combustion Experts.

Registration fee - 500 US Dollars should be paid by 1 June, 2024 by attendees with oral presentations. We accept abstracts from the registered attendees only. Registration for all other attendees is available at any time until August 15, 2024. It includes business lunches and Welcome Party to be held on September 5. It could be paid by check, credit card, by wire transfer, and by cash. In case of payment by credit card, please first send us a registration form and we will arrange a secure e-request + e-invoice through the PayPal payment system. Please note, attendee pays all banking fees (about 4% for PayPal service). For wire transfer, please send your registration form electronically or by fax and ask for the banking information or invoice. If paying by check, please send it with the registration form to address: 5916 Hunton Wood Drive, Broad Run, VA 20137, USA. On site late registration fee is 600 USD (cash only). Discounted registration fee for students - 350 US Dollars.

Registered attendees should submit their abstracts (see template - MS Word file, up to 500 words or preferably two full pages with 1" margins all around, A4 format,Times New Roman 12 font + color pictures, including authors short CV and photo): by 1 June, 2024 to Dr. Igor Matveev at ibmatveev@gmail.com

ICPAT-13 offers the Electronic Poster (EP) form of participation for scientists who, for some reason, cannot attend the forum and deliver their talks personally. This poster title and authors will be listed in the contents of the ICPAT book of abstracts and available for the ICPAT attendees in electronic format only. Authors of the EPs will be included in the plasma assisted technology specialists data base, get an e-copy of the ICPAT-12 book of abstracts, and will also encouraged to provide (optionally) their Power Point Presentations (PPP) in pdf format to be distributed among the conference participants with the after-conference flash drives. The best EPs will be recommended for publication in the IEEE December 2024 Special Issue on Plasma Assisted Technologies.

Final paper deadline to publish in the IEEE
Plasma Assisted Technologies - 2024 Special Issue
: 01 May 2024
Plasma Assisted Technologies - 2026 Special Issue
: 01 May 2026

Conference Address:
School of Physics, Harbin Institute of Technology, 92 West Da-Zhi Strit, Harbin, China. Phone: +86 451-8641-4141, e-mail:yuancx@hit.edu.cn.


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  • IWEPAC into ICPAT Transition

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