13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024

Fuel Reformer

APT has developed and tested a number of plasma assisted fuel reformers to convert liquid, gaseous, and solid hydrocarbons into the synthesis gas. Technical solutions are protected by patents US 7,452,513B2, US 7,973,262 B2, US 7,955,567 B2, and US 8,252,243 B2. Reformers and gasifiers with ID from 75 mm to 300 mm operate at equivalence ratio up to 3-3.5 (air excess coefficient 0.3-0.35) with plasma assistance to produce high calorific value syngas. We use transient discharge plasma pilots with fuel feeding into the arc chamber for its atomizing, ignition and partial oxidation. Arc power can vary from 100W to 500W. For solids, slurries, biomass, sewage sludge, animal waste, and other feedstock with low heating value and high moisture content we utilize high power RF torches. We are currently working on the oxygen-methane and air-methane non-catalyst plasma assisted reformers for small GTL (gas to liquids) plants 300-1,000 bpd capacity for natural gas monetizing and flare busting.


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