13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024

Gas Ionizer

Gas ionizers (GI) are atmospheric pressure plasma tools for surface cleaning, etching, and treatment of metallic and non-metallic substrates.
Developed by APT transient discharge GI provides continuous non-cooled operation with real arc power from 50 W to 1.5 kW, ionizing gas flow rate from 0.3 to 4 grams per second and uses wide variety of feedstock gases, as air, N2, Ar, CF4, and blends air + CH4, air + C3H8, N2 + H2, N2 + CH4, Ar + CF4, etc.

A hybrid type GI (RF + transient discharge) with reverse vortex flow in the reaction chamber offers patented electrodeless solution for power range from 1 to 30 kW (achieved level, potentially up to 10 MW), processing gas flow rate up to 80 grams per second and opportunity to feed gaseous, liquid and solid matters into the reaction zone.

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