13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024

Plasma Mineralogy

Plasma mineralogy is one of the newest branches of plasma science focused on significant recovery rate increases for the latent metals, particularly ones with contents lower than 3-5 grams per ton of ore.

Scientific background - APT expert statement
Thermal plasma with ion temperature over 4,000C provides super fast heating of treated particles. This enables several processes: (1) Fast heating causes thermal shock, what helps to break down bonds between the components of complex alloys and formations. This is the process that disintegrates complex alloys; (2) Melting nano-particles and growing bigger clusters. This is a process of the latent metals particles transition from sub-nano to nano- and micro-scale level; (3) Burning out organics and light-weight components (i.e. the non-precious metal material found in the tailings or ore). This is a process of enriching the precious metals concentration; (4) Reacting with plasma gas and by-products of the plasma chemical reactions. Plasma gas can vary depending on initial ore composition. This is a process of plasma chemistry; (5) Quenching or fast cooling down. This is thermal shock 2 with further complex alloys or solid solvents disintegration.
In case of RF (radio frequency) application as a plasma source, feedstock at treatment additionally experiences the influence of a high strength magnetic field and current. Physically, this can enforce the second process by speeding up the clusters growth, and the fourth one by promoting the reactions.

APT treats the ore samples for customers at the brand new material processing facility in Marshall, VA. APT-125 RF plasma system in photo below is coupled with a plasma chemical reactor to provide treatment by different plasma gases at pressures from 1 to 5 bar. Setup performs a computer controlled feeding of almost any material with density from 2 g/cm3 to 9 g/cm3, allows temperature and pressure regulation, treated ore cooling and collection. This unique equipment operates in both manual and automatic modes and is scalable.


For the first time clients APT offers two plans to evaluate dramatically increased potential for the latent metals recovery. Plan A does not require the ultimate ore composition. Just send us 1.5-2.0 kilograms of ore grinded and sieved to get 45-200 microns averaged particle size to our test facility and get back 4 samples of treated powder for the assay processing.

Plan B offers additional to Plan A assaying of the head ore and 2-3 treated samples with accuracy at least 1 ppm. This will help our specialists to select the best treatment mode based on advanced plasma chemistry and a number of available processing tools. We guarantee you confidentiality.

For interested in an industrial-scale ore processing we offer development, integration into existing technology, and operation of the plasma treatment units based on available 50 kW - 500 kW line of RF plasma torches.

Depending on ore composition, recovery rate could be increased in 3 to 20 times. Estimated return on investment is 1 to 3 years. Click HERE to know more about our patented RF torches.

Please note, plasma does not create minerals, it just helps to increse their recovery rate! In other words - do not send us a beach sand.

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