13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024

Combustors & Reactors
with plasma enhancement

APT offers a wide spectrum of services, including 3D modeling, CAD design, prototyping, fabrication, comprehensive tests, and maintenance of custom combustors and reactors. These combustors could be combined with our unique combustion enhancement tools, as plasma pilot, plasma fuel nozzle, spatial arc, or high power RF torch, and integrated into any technology or machinery, including gas turbines. To provide the highest quality, reliability, and flexibility, we make and test combustors exclusively at our facilities in the USA.

Recently developed and commercialized Plasma System for Hazardous Liquids Destruction consists of a plasma chemical reactor based on a 50 kW RF plasma torch coupled with a downstream dual stage combustor (combined direct and reverse vortex stages) for up to 100 liters per hour treatment capacity. This is a first of a kind system with RF torch as an igniter, evaporator, and flame sustainer. The system was completely developed and built by APT.

One more combustor with unique features allows not only clean fuel burning with one digit NOx emission, but also sucking out hazardous gases from any atmospheric pressure chamber for their thermal treatment inside the combustor.

APT has developed and patented (U.S. Patents 7,452,513 B2 and 8,252,243 B2) a Triple Helical Flow Vortex Reactor with all available plasma tools as a basis for so named Plasma Assisted Tornado Combustor. On our opinion, this combustor presents at the moment the most advanced and promising solution among known combustion and fuel reformation techniques with the following main advantages:
  • Simple tubular and annular designs
  • Super-low heating value gas burning - from 2.5 MJ/kg to 47 MJ/kg
  • Stable combustion with extremely wide flammability limits - up to λ = 27
  • Simple air swirler and fuel injectors
  • Cold walls and exhaust nozzle (by 140 C)
  • One digit NOx emission (propane tests, 15% oxygen)
  • Cheaper materials for combustor fabrication
  • Opportunity to feed fuel through the liner wall
  • Possibility to provide a multi-stage combustion process
  • Proven integration with internal and external plasma sources, including RF and Microwave for volumetric streamer discharge formation
  • Simple conversion into the flexi-fuel combustor and fuel reformer
Several full-scale low and high pressure (up to 10 Bar) Tornado Combustors with ID up to 300 mm have been developed and commercialized. See combustor operation with a plasma fuel nozzle
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