13-th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024
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Let Our Experience Solve Your Problem
We do not sell torches. They might be useless. First of all, we help our customers to understand if any available plasma source will benefit their technology both technically and economically based on our 40+ years expertise and over 1,500 plasma products in operation worldwide. If yes, select the best one and develop a plasma based technology.
    As a customer oriented company, we help all interested in the plasma technologies by providing access to the world-class hardware, combining it with support by a team of APT plasma experts, CAD designers and prototyping machine shop. This, for sure, will speed-up any development, mitigate technical and financial risks, improve the efforts efficiency.

      We offer a short term lease of one 1,000 sq. ft. test bay and a long term lease of two 1,400 sq. ft. each container type buildings with APT-100/125 (Full specifications) or APT-200/250 (Full specifications) torches and complete set of auxiliary systems for operation in our new Plasma Center just built on a 5-acre lot named Plasma Land in Marshall, Virginia (Washington, D.C. area, 36 miles from IAD). Click to view video tour of our facility

        Our product list includes:

        • ICP/RF plasma torch systems with virtually unlimited lifetime and plume power from 10 kW to 200 kW for operation on Ar, He, air, N2, CO2, water steam, other gases and blends
        • Test facilities for subsonic and supersonic testing of the Thermo Protection Materials - simulation of reentry and flight conditions
        • Prefabricated metal buildings for/with APT-100/125 and APT-200/250 systems with all auxiliary equipment for plasma labs operation - container package
        • Test facilities for new materials syntheses, including nanotubes, and powders treatment
        • 2D and 3D modeling of the ICP/RF plasma properties and plasma-chemical processes
        • Industrial type NOx generators - up to 7% NOx by mass if using 1 bar air as a feedstock, much higher % for other options
        • Powder treatment reactors - material surface property modifiers
        • Turn-key systems for nano-structured materials production, single-stage processing of gases
        • Industrial scale quantities of Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) as additives to enhance the properties of the aluminum alloys, polymers, plastics, rubber, etc. Production capacity of a single module is over 200 grams per hour with specific power consumption below 0.4 kWh/g
        • Plasma igniters, pilots, and plasma fuel nozzles for reliable ignition, flame and emission control in gas turbines, high speed propulsion systems, boilers, furnaces, and chemical reactors
        • Flexi-fuel plasma assisted combustors, afterburners, thermal oxidizers, tail gas burners for super-low heating value (SLHV) gas (from 2.5 MJ/kg) processing, gas turbine combustors for 2.5 MJ/kg to 47 MJ/kg HV gas, based on both direct and reverse vortex flows, with positive and negative (suction effect) inlet pressure
        • Plasma gasifiers and reactors for high H2 yield syngas and chemicals production from coal dust and slurry, biosolids (sewage sludge), biomass, waste hydrocarbons, renewable energy sources.
        • Fuel reformers for SOFC
        • Methane plasma reformers for non-catalyst syngas and C2-C3 hydrocarbons production (acetylene, ethylene, etc.), including small scale GTL modules with 50 - 2,000 bpd capacity
        • Plasma equipment for mineral processing to improve recovery rate of the latent metals, including the precious metals
        • Plasma reactors for liquid fertilizer and ammonia production from air and water
        Visit FundAnything to see our Sewage Sludge-to-Electricity and Heat Project

      Focused on searching and validation of innovative plasma based technologies for further commercialization and mass production, APT develops and manages several international projects, including New Generation High Power & High Pressure (up to 20 bar) ICP/RF Torches (click here to see Torch 1 in operation on air and Torch 2 in operation on argon); Supersonic Plasma Igniters for Scramjets and Rocket Motors; Plasma Fuel Nozzles for Gas Turbines; Plasma Enhanced Tornado Combustors; High Frequency Gas Ionizers; Waste-to-Power Plants; Plasma Assisted Coal Combustion and Gasification Modules with Regulated Syngas Composition; etc.

      Clearly understanding the reasons of failure all worldwide attempts in development of commercial waste gasification technologies, APT works on alternative approach based on the 2nd generation ICP/RF plasma torches. Our CO2 and/or water steam plasma provides three critical for success basic principles: virtually unlimited operation time, highest possible thermodynamic efficiency, and high calorific value syngas. To develop a 5-25 tones a day pilot plant, APT invites all potentially interested partners to join the project. We believe that our RF plasma source is a long waited solution.

      From 2005 APT is the organizer and host of the annual International Conference on Plasma Assisted Technologies (ICPAT), former IWEPAC, which provides forum for researchers, developers, and consumers of all plasma based technologies. ICPAT-13 will be organized in cooperation with the International Plasma Technology Center, U.S.A. and Harbin Institute of Technology, China and held in summer, 2024 in Harbin, China.
      Visit Our Book Store for free download the books of extended abstracts of IWEPAC-3 to ICPAT-11 conferences.

      APT has founded International Plasma Technology Center as the US non-profit corporation and is working with investors on establishing a Plasma Revolving Fund to help both researchers and their customers worldwide develop and bring to the world market place advanced plasma based technologies.

      APT has established an International Council of Experts in the field of plasma assisted combustion and gasification, which provides consultative services to help government institutions, investors, and industry experts navigate in the field of plasma based technologies, review the projects with significant social and environmental impact, start working on the National Plasma Assisted Combustion Roadmap to develop an integrated plan to advance the field.

      Please note, PLASMA IS NOT A MAGIC WAND! Every plasma product is unique, developed to satisfy specific customer needs, and in many cases can not be open for public due to confidentiality limitations and export control regulations.

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